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  1. Hi Alison,

    I’m from Canada and I was visiting my son and family in Buffalo. I bought one of your paintings. As I looked around the store, my eyes were drawn to your painting so I bought it. it’s hanging on my kitchen wall.


  2. Hi Alison,
    My daughter has a cat that has the same features as your painted cat. I saw your paintings on the news and was interested in purchasing one of your cat paintings. Just wondering were to purchase your artwork.

    • Hi Paul –Thank you for taking the time to find me here! I’m curious. Did you see my interview with Mike Randall in August or something more recent. If it was more recent all of those shots were taken at Buffalo ShopCraft — an artists collective that I’m a member of — and you can find my work there. We’re inside of Thin Ice at 719 Elmwood Avenue in the Elmwood Village — we’re the shop in the back. Or you’re welcome to come to my home studio if you don’t find what you’re looking for there. Also — prints and smaller items are available through my web store: HERE

      Let me know what works best for you. And thank you again!


  3. Alison,

    I’m interested in your painting, “Meet the Gawkers” but was wondering if you have it or something similar in a larger size 3’ by 3 1/2’
    Would love to hear from you. We met in Willoughby, OH when I️ purchased some of your work last summer.


  4. Hi Alison –

    I saw your work on Friday at the Pittsburgh arts festival. I fell in love with the 3-D piece featuring the cat and dog with cocktails. It said Paw Print at the top. My friend bought it, as it was perfect for her. Any chance you have another one or will be making another one?

    I’ve become obsessed with your work…love it!!


    • Hi Linda —

      For some reason your comment wasn’t forwarded to my email so I just found your message; hopefully you will receive this reply!

      Yes — I will make another Paw Print Cabernet canvas piece. My last outdoor show for the season is this coming Sunday, but I expect life to return to normal after that. I make that image in 2 sizes but only had the smaller 8×10 version at the show last weekend.

      My direct email is If you’d like to contact me there we can work out all of the details.

      Thank you so much for finding me here! It was great meeting the two of you at the show!


  5. Hi Alison, we met at the Buffalo Art Show last year. I subsequently bought a piece from you with the synthetic clay heads and I love it. I would like to purchase another similar piece. This is for a gift. I would like any wording to be in Spanish as my friend is Puerto Rican. Profanity is encouraged.

  6. Hey Keith — Good to hear from you! So — it looks like I’m currently locked out of this site. I sent an email to you that may or may not have reached you. You can reach me directly at

    Thank you!


  7. Hi Alison,
    I was in Shop Craft the other day and was so delighted to see that one of your pieces perfectly captures the theme of a book I just published “A Snow Day with Summer”. Summer is a black lab. (My black lab). In the book, she spends a snow day building a snowman with her best friend Ben. It’s available on amazon, barnes and noble and at I would love to have your email address so that I can ask you your thoughts on a possible collaboration. I am hoping Shop Craft would carry my book. Hoping to get back in there soon to discuss it with the owner! I also got a bottle cap magnet with a black lab in it. Very cool. look forward to hearing from you! Margaret

    • Hi Margaret!

      For some reason some of my messages here get kicked into my spam folder — not sure why that happens.

      But Christa told me that she spoke with you and you are bringing your book into the shop. Yay! I can’t wait to see it in person — it looks great online.

      And I do hope Summer approves of the image on the magnet 🙂

      You can reach me at

      Thank you! Have a great day,


  8. Good afternoon,

    I am looking to commission a wildlife painting by a professional artist. Please contact me to discuss further details. Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Darryl — I don’t painting wildlife and unfortunately don’t have anyone to refer you to. I’d suggest you do an online search that specifically targets wildlife painters. Good luck with your search. Happy New Year! Alison
      ps- I’ll send this to you directly as well — messages from this site don’t always reach their intended target

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