Going back to Start or Passing Go and forgetting about the $200

It’s been close to eleven months since I wrote my first entry here. My subsequent entries have been few, far between and, in all honesty, seriously lacking in substance. I’ve struggled with what to write, how to write it, when to write it, and WHY to write it. That WHY had eluded me till now. I initially thought of my blog as an extension of my ETSY shop. The whole purpose of my shop is to show and sell my work. Therefore, I thought, the whole purpose of my blog should be the same — but it just wasn’t happening.

And so I start again, with a new outlook. Rather than slapping down a photo of something I’ve just listed on Etsy or eBay, or giving a listing of shows I’ll be exhibiting at, I’m going to go a bit deeper. It’s time to explore why I do what I do, and I’m not going to limit that to making art. My work, or finished product if you will, is not created in a vacuum; it’s a normal extension of who and what I am, so I guess it’s time to ask: who am I exactly?


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