If you are interested in setting up a studio visit or would like a price on any of my pieces please contact me through this LINK

To find smaller items, visit my Etsy webstore HERE


3 thoughts on “Purchase

  1. I saw your small Buffalo paintings at a Larkinville. I was wondering if you had any German Buffalo small paintings available?

    Michael Walser

  2. Hi there, Wondering what the cost of the chili pepper ornament is and how we can purchase one? Is it possible to have it dated 2015 (vs 2014)?
    Thanks very much !

    • Hi Sue — the peppers should be making their way into my Etsy shop later this week or early next. I will send you a link when I post them, They are $18 each — and they will be dated 2015. The one in the photo is from last year.

      Thank you!


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