Updates Coming! Until then do yoga!

We could all use a little Om during the holidays! I’ll be updating this site soon — but you can find me online HERE and locally in the Buffalo area HERE at Buffalo ShopCraft at 719 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York. We are a separate shop in the back of Thin Ice. Come see us there!  And do a little yoga! It’s soooooo good for your mind, body and soul!

Find Yoga Cat Christmas Ornament HERE


Art Art Everywhere! A Glimpse at 2018 so far…..

Paper and Clothe Mache Coppertailed Cat Sculptures. Much of the materials in these sculptures is upcyled/recyled.


My take on Dios de la Muerte — Day of the Dead


Mylo has gone fishing agian!



Blue Anxiety Devil returns!




Creeps, Carnies, and other weirdos…..

Wicked Pumpkins………

And an angry Humpty Dumpty……

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