Frustrations with Technology: Online art show applications

While I understand that we are living in the digital age and there is no going back, some technological “advances” seem more like hindrances than leaps forward. I just completed an online application for a local summer art festival. I’ve participated in this festival a number of times in the past and the show is lovely. The organizers are — well — very organized ; they have managed to put together a wonderful show that encompasses the wide range of arts (visual and performing) that the area has to offer. But they have not accounted for the fact that many artists are computer/technology dunces. While I can usually muddle through online applications, social networking sites, this blog, etc. I really struggled with prepping my images for submission, and I know that I’m not alone. Two friends of mine, one relatively computer savvy, the other not, had the same issues.

So what’s the answer here? Do we all go back to school to get up to speed on current technology,even though that knowledge with be bypassed and obsolete in a nano second. or do we get left behind in the dust?

Any suggestions?