Everything is Going to the Dogs!


“… Late arrivals at the Gala included Herbert Boston, Director of Canine Affairs, and his lovely companion Eva “Chi Chi” Tink. Boston basked in the afterglow of his successful Terrier Empowerment Initiative; but it was Tink who drew the most praise for her immigration and humanitarian work at in southern border states…”


“Going to the Dogs” is a bit extreme. And, as Herbert and Chi Chi can tell you, being with the dogs can be a very cool thing. That said, 2018 was a year of personal challenges for me. And, like unwanted house guests,some of those challenges followed me into 2019. But all is not gloom and doom! Some exciting things have happened too! My home base, ShopCraft, moved to a fantastic new location! We are still in the Elmwood Village at 773 Elmwood Avenue. Please come and visit!

Another positive development is that I’m drawing again. I started early in 2018 and then abandoned it. But, October being Inktober, I picked up my pens, brushes and gouache and started creating new images. You will still find my one-of-a-kind sculpted and painted originals at shows and festivals, as well as ShopCraft, but the new images are fresh and fun! They are perfectly suited to the dye sublimation coffee mugs, ornaments and gifts I started making in November 2018. You can find them HERE and at ShopCraft too.

My Instagram feed will give you a behind the scenes look at both lines of work.

So Woof Woof 2019! If you’re not nice to me I’ll bite you 🙂 Here’s wishing everyone a warm, sunny Spring.






Art Art Everywhere! A Glimpse at 2018 so far…..

Paper and Clothe Mache Coppertailed Cat Sculptures. Much of the materials in these sculptures is upcyled/recyled.


My take on Dios de la Muerte — Day of the Dead


Mylo has gone fishing agian!



Blue Anxiety Devil returns!




Creeps, Carnies, and other weirdos…..

Wicked Pumpkins………

And an angry Humpty Dumpty……

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Shop Update and Warm (and dry) thoughts for Pittsburgh

My final outdoor show for the 2018 Summer Show Season was A Fair in The Park, presented by the Craftsmen’s Guild of Pittsburgh. This was my first year at the show and I was impressed by the high quality of work, the outstanding level of organization, and the very enthusiastic crowd of visitors and buyers on Friday. Sadly, the show was shut down both Saturday and Sunday because of endless rain from a storm system connected to Tropical Storm Gordon. Frustrating? Yes. But I am grateful to the Guild’s show committee for making the difficult, yet very right, decision to close the show early Saturday. Thanks to their concern and quick action, I had no damage to my work — much of whiich you will be able to find online over the next days and weeks: ONLINE STORE

The rain followed me through much of my drive home, and as of this writing, a State of Emergency has been declared in Allegheny County due to record rainfall and flooding. I send warm (and dry) wishes to the residents of Pittsburgh and hope to be able to visit them again under better and dryer circumstances.

In addition to my online store, follow me for Work in Progress shots on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. And, as always, feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions about work that you saw at a show but can’t find listed online.


Say Cheetos!

Guilty! I have not posted here for a very long time. I’ll blame it on these creatures. These are my new Mixed Media Mache Copper Tailed Cats! They are made out of recycled materials, polymer clay and acrylic paint. There’s still more work to go on these, as well as their four legged friends who didn’t make it into the picture, but they will be traveling with me to the Willoughby Arts Fest and Ithaca Artists Market this month.