Art Art Everywhere! A Glimpse at 2018 so far…..

Paper and Clothe Mache Coppertailed Cat Sculptures. Much of the materials in these sculptures is upcyled/recyled.


My take on Dios de la Muerte — Day of the Dead


Mylo has gone fishing agian!



Blue Anxiety Devil returns!




Creeps, Carnies, and other weirdos…..

Wicked Pumpkins………

And an angry Humpty Dumpty……

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Dr. Love…..paging Dr. Love….



I know what you’re going to say. Valentine’s Day? Already?

Yes, I admit it’s early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day. We have weeks of wind, snow, and COLD to get through before we reach that one, fleeting, warm and fuzzy, pink bright spot in the shortest month of the year. But it’s cold out there! All of the twinkling lights of Christmas and New Year’s are gone! We need a little sparkle in our lives — we need PINK!

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