Love is in the Air – New Small works

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s inspired me to create new small works. All of my new creatures look a little crabby –  probably because they have snowy weather cabin fever – but they’ll get over in time for Valentine’s Day.



Valentine Cats: Hiss and Make Up, a tiny Original can be found HERE




Snarky Valentine Dogs can be found HERE



And more Valentine Cats can be found HERE



Everything Old is New Again



Art History #4: Grant Wood's American Gothic -- sort of....


I can’t remember exactly how my Art History series began. It started about 2 years ago with a piece I called “VanGogh meets Warhol meets Parmigianino meets Kurek”. It was based on a Vincent VanGogh self portrait — but it also incorporated Warhol’s use of repetition — and it touched on late Renaissance Mannerism (Parmigianino’s Madonna with the Long Neck.)  Long, possibly bad, titles aside, the series has been well received and continues to grow. Here’s a look at my latest “victims”: Grant Wood and Max Beckmann. “Art History #4: Grant Wood’s American Gothic …. sort of…” is based on a painting that needs no introduction. “Art History #5: Max Beckmann Merlot” deviates a bit from the other pieces in the series. Warhol’s repetition wouldn’t have worked here. So, instead of creating four repetitive image cells, I added onto the original image. I changed the cigarette in Beckmann’s hand to a wine glass and added a table with a wine glass and bottle of wine. The image on the bottle of Beckmann Merlot features a miniature image of one of his still life paintings.

If it isn’t obvious, let me state that these works are all meant to be in good fun!  They are based on well known works, and I include “Art History”, the name of the original painting and/or the name of the original artist in each title. If you are not familiar with Max Beckmann, you should be!  He was an interesting character. Here’s a Wikipedia link to start you off:


Art History #5: Max Beckmann Merlot



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Working with Finicky Models (a.k.a. Cats)

Anyone familiar with my work knows that my imagery is bright, colorful, fun and, often times, covered in cat hair!  Much of my work features our feline friends and I’ve decide to take a closer look at the relationships I’ve developed with my models over the years. They claim they’re over worked and underpaid, but they do tend to exaggerate. Here’s a picture of the creature who started it all: Chester.

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