Starting Anew


For all the grumbling about Mondays one thing is for sure, they give us the opportunity to start anew. Last week was NOT a good week for me as an astist. I spent a good portion of it working on projects that focused a spot light on where my abilities as an artist stopped. I was so frustrated by mid-week that, had I run across an underground tunnel labeled “For Failures Only”, I gladly would have crawled in.

Thankfully, that was last week, and I used this Monday to start on a new series. Simpler and more dependent on line drawing than my big, color saturated mixed media works, these paintings are on paper, are far less time consuming and will appear in my shop (in print form) by mid-week.

As for that tunnel — good thing it was only a figment of my imagination 🙂

 You can find prints of the new work along with others in my Etsy shop at: 



The Best Time of the Year

The wee months are perhaps my best time of year. Cold weather, limited sunshine and slow sales aside, it’s a time to be creative and explore new territory. The “Produce to Sell Tomorrow” pressures are gone. They are replaced with the very real pressures and challenges of producing new work. But  — if you have new ideas and the time to develop them — those pressure pale in comparison to the crazed production periods that surround summer and holiday seasons. Right now — I have an idea!

The End of Summer Art Show Season 2011

I always have mixed emotions when my summer art show season ends. Living in Buffalo, New York, September days lead all too quickly to falling leaves, followed by snow, and then the long, long stretch of cold, gray days that can make you forget the sun exists. On the other hand, the end of “BIG” show season is also the end of heavy physical labor, 15+ hour work days, and the ever so fun hobby of looking at the darkening sky in dread of the storm that will blow both you and all of your artwork away. It marks an end and a new beginning and makes you realize that, OMG, you’re really behind on holiday stock and promotion!! So goodbye Summer 2011, you were very good to me. Now about that holiday stock…………………….

…and then there are Migraine Days………..

Anyone who suffers from migraines knows all too well that daily plans can come to a screeching halt when you get hit with a migraine. I count myself lucky in that I get what I call “functional migraines”; I can usually muddle through the day in some way or the other, but I had a nasty one earlier this week and spent a good portion of the day in bed. The thought of working with paint or polymer clay just made my head hurt all the more, so I came up with a new digital series instead. All of these new images are based on my original paintings.