Unintended Paintings…….

I made three masks each for two of the characters in my “UnMasking The Stranger” painting (see previous post HERE). I really liked the first masks but they just DID NOT work. As for the second round — well — um — hmmmm, they may served well as paper weights.

Here are the two paintings I created for those first masks. I think we all know people who fit the bill…..


Title: What if my Smile is the Lie?, acrylic paint and hand sculpted synthetic clay mask on gallery wrapped canvas, 14″ (h) x 11″ (w)Alison_E_Kurek_Painting_What_If_My_Smile_Is_The_Lie




This one was pretty much just for fun 🙂

Title: Her Success Had Gone to Her Head, acrylic paint and hand sculpted synthetic clay mask on wrapped canvas, 14″ (h) x 11″ (w)



Art Tour #2: Red Self-Portrait

While my bachelor’s degree is in business, I also studied design and fine art at Buffalo State College and UB. This is a self portrait made with a reverse painting method. The board was covered in ink and the image was made by bleaching away the light areas. It’s a comment on public persona and what’s really behind the mask. While we all tend to be more dramatic in college, there is some truth to this still, for most if not all of us.collegeselfport