Queen City Beer – New Painting with a Vintage Feel

Someone at the Allentown Art Festival asked me why Buffalo is called the Queen City. I had to admit that I had no idea — so I did  little research.

Way back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Buffalo was the largest and most prosperous city on the Great Lakes — so we became the Queen City. While Buffalo has seen more than it’s share of struggles over the past century we are making a proud come back. And once again we will be proving ourself to be, in fact, the Queen City — although anyone from here has always known that there was a lot of good to be had here, even if our crown needed polishing.

This is one of my latest Buffalo paintings: Queen City Beer. It’s 18″ (H) x 24″ (w)


Unintended Paintings…….

I made three masks each for two of the characters in my “UnMasking The Stranger” painting (see previous post HERE). I really liked the first masks but they just DID NOT work. As for the second round — well — um — hmmmm, they may served well as paper weights.

Here are the two paintings I created for those first masks. I think we all know people who fit the bill…..


Title: What if my Smile is the Lie?, acrylic paint and hand sculpted synthetic clay mask on gallery wrapped canvas, 14″ (h) x 11″ (w)Alison_E_Kurek_Painting_What_If_My_Smile_Is_The_Lie




This one was pretty much just for fun 🙂

Title: Her Success Had Gone to Her Head, acrylic paint and hand sculpted synthetic clay mask on wrapped canvas, 14″ (h) x 11″ (w)