New Work: Masked Men, Hipster Cats, and Wine

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New Work: Masked Men, Hipster Cats, and Wine


     Who are these masked men? New painting! “Masquerade” 11″ x 14″, not framed, $175
                             Please contact me HERE for more info on this painting
         Hipsters are EVERYWHERE!!! New work! “Hipster Cats: A Stroll in Delaware Park”    
                                                       9″ x 12″, framed, $165
                              Please contact me HERE for more info on this piece
           New small painting! “Yoga Cat White Wine”,  7″ x 5″, not framed, $42. Find it HERE.
               New small painting! “Red. Red Wine”,  7″ x 5″, not framed, $42. Find it HERE
               New small painting! “White Wine Glass”,  7″ x 5″, not framed, $42. Find it HERE.

Wine and Martinis and Bourbon……Oh My!

A word about my alcoholic influences 🙂

One of the first thing that strikes people when they walk into my booth at an art festival is all of the wine, martinis, bourbon and beer in my paintings. I’ve taken “write what you know” advice and changed it to “paint what you know”… and after tending bar for more than 20 years I know quite a bit about cocktails, wine and beer. Truth be told, I’m somewhat of a lightweight drinker; I get tipsy on half a glass of wine — but I have served more than my fair share of wine, and martinis, and bourbon…..

Here are a few of my alcohol related images. Enjoy responsibly! Cheers!



Kitty's Blues


Mylo and the Martini




Art History #5: Max Beckmann Merlot

Everything Old is New Again



Art History #4: Grant Wood's American Gothic -- sort of....


I can’t remember exactly how my Art History series began. It started about 2 years ago with a piece I called “VanGogh meets Warhol meets Parmigianino meets Kurek”. It was based on a Vincent VanGogh self portrait — but it also incorporated Warhol’s use of repetition — and it touched on late Renaissance Mannerism (Parmigianino’s Madonna with the Long Neck.)  Long, possibly bad, titles aside, the series has been well received and continues to grow. Here’s a look at my latest “victims”: Grant Wood and Max Beckmann. “Art History #4: Grant Wood’s American Gothic …. sort of…” is based on a painting that needs no introduction. “Art History #5: Max Beckmann Merlot” deviates a bit from the other pieces in the series. Warhol’s repetition wouldn’t have worked here. So, instead of creating four repetitive image cells, I added onto the original image. I changed the cigarette in Beckmann’s hand to a wine glass and added a table with a wine glass and bottle of wine. The image on the bottle of Beckmann Merlot features a miniature image of one of his still life paintings.

If it isn’t obvious, let me state that these works are all meant to be in good fun!  They are based on well known works, and I include “Art History”, the name of the original painting and/or the name of the original artist in each title. If you are not familiar with Max Beckmann, you should be!  He was an interesting character. Here’s a Wikipedia link to start you off:


Art History #5: Max Beckmann Merlot



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