Wine and Martinis and Bourbon……Oh My!

A word about my alcoholic influences ­čÖé

One of the first thing that strikes people when they walk into my booth at an art festival is all of the wine, martinis, bourbon and beer in my paintings. I’ve taken “write what you know” advice and changed it to “paint what you know”… and after tending bar for more than 20 years I know quite a bit about cocktails, wine and beer.┬áTruth be told, I’m somewhat of a lightweight drinker; I get tipsy on half a glass of wine — but I have served more than my fair share of wine, and martinis, and bourbon…..

Here are a few of my alcohol related images. Enjoy responsibly! Cheers!



Kitty's Blues


Mylo and the Martini




Art History #5: Max Beckmann Merlot