A Beautiful Collection of Winter Images curated by PoetessWug

Today I’d like to share a beautiful collection of winter images curated by Debbie (a.k.a. poetesswug). She so kindly included on of my winter Silent Mylo images in her collection.

Thank you Debbie! Stay warm in Massachusetts.

You can find the original post HERE And visit Debbie’s Etsy, Wuglyees, shop HERE

YIKES!…I Think We’re ‘In For It’ This Time!!!

     Have you heard?!…We’re having a snow storm!! O_O I can tell it’s really gonna be a ‘doozie’ too, because it started this morning around 4:30 a.m. … about 4 hours ago … and we already have about 6 inches of snow on the ground!! O_O
     It’s coming down so fast…and heavy! O_O I guess it’s a good thing I have lots of videos ‘at the ready’, and lots of talking and crocheting to do! ^_^ … (I’m working on some black boutonnieres and tiny lapel pins today).
     Imagine how much fun I’m gonna have watching the suet feeder…which is full now!…as birds come-a-running in the snow!…..But…uhhhh…so far..uhhhh…not a one has shown up!! LOL I guess they’re out there flying through the mall, going from store to store like the rest of the people, buying window wiper fluid, snow blowers, shovels, de-icer, and snow tires! ^_^
     In the meantime, hubby is catching up on laundry, planning to cook all kinds of yummy things (including chicken wings! ^_^), and listening to music. NOT funk music though! We learned in a documentary type show last night, where the origins of ‘funk’ music came from, and WOW!!! O_O … We’ll never look at funk music the same again!!!! O_O
     So, what are you doing to pass the time during the storm?…(provided you’re being affected by it.)
     It’s gonna be a lot of work when it’s all said and done, I’m sure! In fact, my girlfriend has already went out and shoveled her driveway twice, just trying to keep up with it!! O_O We’re waiters…..Waiters for someone else to come by and shovel it!! LOL We just wanna enjoy the day off! :-]
       We know we’re gonna be ‘in for it’ soon enough. Why hurry the process!! ^_^
     So, I hope your old movie stack is high, your heater is working well, your loved ones are not snow removers by trade (Ha! Ha!), and you have lots of Twizzlers, M&Ms, and cereal in the house…Ha! Ha! (That was a nod to Yaya’s post this morning. You can read itHERE.) … If you do, you’re probably feeling good right about now, right?! ^_^ … ME TOO!!! ♥