Funny Little Cat Paintings

Once or twice a year I sit down and paint ACEOs. An ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) can be made with just about anything as long as it abides by one rule – it is 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches – the size of a trading card.

I found ACEOs on eBay in 2007 and credit them with sparking my interest in painting. Prior to then I had mainly used paint to make accent marks on my 3d sculptures. ACEOs sparked my interest in selling my art online too, and I sold quite a number of them — some flat paintings, others collages, and of course, many 3d-ish forms with polymer clay sculpture resting on a 3.5 inch by 2.5 inch painting.

My paintings have grown in size, considerably in some cases, and my subject matter has expanded — but it’s still fun to sit down and create something SMALL. Here’s a look at the first, perhaps only, batch I’ve made for 2017.



Group of 5 ACEOs along with one of the certificates I attach to each one I sell. Very official 🙂



Title: Chet is a Pyromaniac

It’s Chet’s Birthday! He’s a bit of a pyromaniac — you can see it in his eyes.

Find it HERE or a 5 inch by 7 inch print of the image HERE


Alison_E_Kurek_Silent_Mylo_Tuxedo_Cat_is_a_Wino_Print copy

Title: Mylo is a Wino

Since painting this Mylo has told me he’s more of a craft beer guy than a wino.

Find it HERE or a 5 inch by 7 inch print of the image HERE


Title: Edith Has Issues

When Edith’s shampoo turned her hair blue she started to drink red wine. Gray Tiger Cat with Red wine print.

Find it HERE or a 5 inch by 7 inch print of the image HERE



Title: Yoga Cat: Silent Mylo Tuxedo Cat in Side Angle

Find it HERE



Title: Yoga Cat: Orange Tiger in Half Moon

Find it HERE



Dr. Love…..paging Dr. Love….



I know what you’re going to say. Valentine’s Day? Already?

Yes, I admit it’s early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day. We have weeks of wind, snow, and COLD to get through before we reach that one, fleeting, warm and fuzzy, pink bright spot in the shortest month of the year. But it’s cold out there! All of the twinkling lights of Christmas and New Year’s are gone! We need a little sparkle in our lives — we need PINK!

Here’s a look at some of the PINK hanging out in my online shop. Click HERE to see even more — and stay warm!



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Shhhh…..secret sale……..



Shhhh — it’s a secret!

I rarely offer “after Christmas” sales. My work is neither perishable nor trendy, so I feel no need to clear the shelves, so to speak.

So let’s call this a 12 Days of Christmas offer 🙂 Now through January 4th, 2016, take 12% off anything in my online shop (minimum purchase $10).

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Enjoy the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas — and Happy New Year!

** this offer is only being made available through this site, my Etsy Updates, and Twitter — so it really is a secret of sorts 🙂 **


Ornaments! Shop Local – Shop Small 2

Here are a few more last minute ornaments that you can find in my studio.

Shop Local — Shop Small!

Contact me HERE to set up a time for a studio visit  – I’m in Kenmore, NY just past Buffalo City line. (See THIS for more details)

** if you purchase online but want to pick up in person I will refund your shipping costs

New Mylo Ornament:


Lake Effect Snow Buffalo Ornament:



And yet another Mylo!