Happy New Year’s Eve


This is my last Work-in-Progress shot for 2015 and it’s a rather appropriate one;  I believe I’m going to name this painting “New Year’s Eve” when I finally finish it.

Started in 2013, this 30″ x 40″ canvas has sat, unfinished, collecting dust, in a hidden corner in my studio. I pulled it out yesterday — added the temporarily ghostly woman in the foreground as well as the rabbit ears. Then I started playing around a bit with palette knife hair and bar stool backs — I love adding texture to paintings but it works only so often with my images.

Ha ha! I thought I was going to finish this piece today. I wanted to use it as a jury slide for a show application due TODAY and thought “Oh yeah — I can manage that” — finish the painted sections AND add hand sculpted synthetic clay attachments (not made yet!)  as well as vintage rhinestone jewelry accents. Thankfully I realized last night that that was just not going to happen. This will be a 2016 project — and a fun one at that.

…..I’m not sure if the rabbit ears are staying though………

Wising everyone a happy, safe, healthy and fun New Year!