Queen City Beer – New Painting with a Vintage Feel

Someone at the Allentown Art Festival asked me why Buffalo is called the Queen City. I had to admit that I had no idea — so I did  little research.

Way back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Buffalo was the largest and most prosperous city on the Great Lakes — so we became the Queen City. While Buffalo has seen more than it’s share of struggles over the past century we are making a proud come back. And once again we will be proving ourself to be, in fact, the Queen City — although anyone from here has always known that there was a lot of good to be had here, even if our crown needed polishing.

This is one of my latest Buffalo paintings: Queen City Beer. It’s 18″ (H) x 24″ (w)


Oh Give Me a Home ……where the Buffalo Roam

 Ode to Buffalo: Oh Hairy Beast, Oh City of Ice and Snow…..

Ha ha … It’s obvious I am NOT a poet, so here’s my visual salute to the City by the Lake.

p.s. it’s not always winter here, it just feels like it this year…….



Heart Buffalo: a print to honor the city that’s captured out hearts. 

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Buffalonians love a good glass of wine!

Find this small original painting HERE


And we can’t forget the beer drinkers!

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and all other things Buffalo can be found HERE

Wishing you a warm Spring and a beautiful Summer. We are, in fact, a City for All Season. Let’s not forget that!


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