The Best Time of the Year

The wee months are perhaps my best time of year. Cold weather, limited sunshine and slow sales aside, it’s a time to be creative and explore new territory. The “Produce to Sell Tomorrow” pressures are gone. They are replaced with the very real pressures and challenges of producing new work. But  — if you have new ideas and the time to develop them — those pressure pale in comparison to the crazed production periods that surround summer and holiday seasons. Right now — I have an idea!

It’s in the details…..

Here’s a detail of my new painting “Martini Girl Merlot”. I recently purchased an archival ink printer. In addition to giving me the ability to produce beautiful, archival reproductions, I’m able to pick and choose sections of paintings and make them into separate pieces of art. 

New Paintings

The wee, cold, dark months of the year are an important time in the life of a “show artist”. While I haven’t run a full summer schedule of shows in a number of years the shows I have done have kept me very busy throughout the summer months. Likewise, the Holiday season — and the lead up to it — can be hectic. January through April tend to be slow months for sales — but they are BIG months for creating new work. Here’s one of the new paintings that I’ve completed over the past week.