Mylo is Wearing PINK for Illustration Friday

This is part of the new series of Story Book Animals I’ve been working on. Many of the characters have a bio/back story; but in this case it’s all about Mylo and yoga 🙂

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Angels and Devils: Who spilled the wine?

Angels and Devils, one of my newest paintings, is just about finished . But before I apply two coats or vanish and attach a hanging wire I’ve got to decide who the angels and devils are. The painting depicts Fredog, my sister’s black lab, and my two cats, Mylo and Livee. From the looks of it they have thrown a party and broken into a bottle of Devil Dog Red Wine — and someone has spilled the wine. Of course they all have angelic looks on their faces and no one is talking — so who did it? 

The halos and devil horns are made out of polymer clay and are not attached yet, so I think I’ll have a little fun shifting the blame, and the horns, around to each of them. Through the wonders of digital imagining I can produce archival ink prints of the image exposing each of them as the wine spilling culprit — but the halos and horns will have to be permanently attached to the original. So tell me — who do you think did it?

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Working with Finicky Models (a.k.a. Cats)

Anyone familiar with my work knows that my imagery is bright, colorful, fun and, often times, covered in cat hair!  Much of my work features our feline friends and I’ve decide to take a closer look at the relationships I’ve developed with my models over the years. They claim they’re over worked and underpaid, but they do tend to exaggerate. Here’s a picture of the creature who started it all: Chester.

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