Having Some Fun with Art History

Art History Three: DINE-er Jacket

Like most artists, I like to think that my work is completely original. With the exception of long ago assignments in art class I’ve never set out to create a copy of another artist’s work; but there’s a difference between copying and finding inspiration in the work of another. About a year ago I started a small mixed media piece based on a Van Gogh self portrait. In addition to my rendition of Van Gogh’s painting I also referenced Warhol’s multiple images and Parmigianino’s Madonna with the Long Neck. Next I tackled Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, keeping the Warhol multiple image format. My latest piece, and the largest of the three at 30″(h) x 24″(w), pays homage to Jim Dine’s Pop Art Robe’s of the 80’s and 90’s. Unlike my other sources of inspiration, Jim Dine is still very much alive and creating and exhibiting new work.

While each of these pieces found their inspiration in the works of others, I’ve included enough “Kurek” in them to assure that they could never be viewed as “copies”. They are instead original works that are having a bit of fun with art history.

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Art History One: Van Gogh Meets Warhol Meets Parmigianino Meets Kurek

Art History Two: Moanin' Lisa

The Making of Moanin’ Lisa

The Making of Moanin' Lisa

I had a heated discusion with a friend last night when I blurted out that I make Fun Art, not Fine Art. He thought I was degrading my work and, hard as I tried, I could not get it through his thick skull that I was doing nothing of the sort! I was merely acknowledging the difference between what is taught in Fine Art schools and what I do. And believe me, there is a world of difference! 

Here’s a peek at the piece of Fun Art I’m working on right now:  Moanin’ Lisa. I started it some time last year as a companion piece to History of Art 1 : Van Gogh meets Warhol meets Parmigianno meets Kurek (see below). Vincent and friends was finished last spring and moved on to a different home last December. I thought it high time to get back to Lisa.

As for the Fine Art vs. Fun Art argument, I highly doubt Da Vinci would take the time to shudder, let alone roll over in his grave if he saw Moan’Lisa — but it will be fabulous fun when finished!  To see more Fun Art visit my shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SilentMyloStudio?ref=si_shop