The Ups and Downs of Practicing Yoga at Home

We all know that paying attention to our health, eating right and exercising is good for us — but did you know that it can be contagious? Here’s a comic look at the Ups and Downs of practicing yoga at home.

It started out just fine — but imagine holding your head still in Full Lotus with a twelve pound cat on your head! If your 60 pound dog decides to do the same I suggest you head out to a yoga studio ASAP!

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Starting Anew


For all the grumbling about Mondays one thing is for sure, they give us the opportunity to start anew. Last week was NOT a good week for me as an astist. I spent a good portion of it working on projects that focused a spot light on where my abilities as an artist stopped. I was so frustrated by mid-week that, had I run across an underground tunnel labeled “For Failures Only”, I gladly would have crawled in.

Thankfully, that was last week, and I used this Monday to start on a new series. Simpler and more dependent on line drawing than my big, color saturated mixed media works, these paintings are on paper, are far less time consuming and will appear in my shop (in print form) by mid-week.

As for that tunnel — good thing it was only a figment of my imagination 🙂

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