Thankfully, the music remains…

I was sipping a glass of wine at a good friend’s house last night when a text came through that Whitney Houston had died. Neither of us had been big fans, nor could we immediately recall the titles of any of her hit songs, but a sadness set in nonetheless. That sadness returned again this morning after reading a front page article in The Buffalo News about her death. The article briefly stated the limited known facts surrounding her death, went on to the highlights of her career, and then delved into the darker side of her known drug abuse, her troubled marriage and the decline of her career. How difficult it must be to live such a public life! To have a spot light shine on your darkest days. 

The music world has lost more than one imperfect Diva in the recent past: Amy Winehouse in July 2011, Etta James this January — and now Whitney Houston.  Regardless of the inner demons these women wrestled with thankfully one thing will remain: music ……..beautiful, beautiful music.

I was listening to Etta James’ CDs when I painted this last month. You can find prints of this image along with others in my Etsy shop at: