The Making of Moanin’ Lisa

The Making of Moanin' Lisa

I had a heated discusion with a friend last night when I blurted out that I make Fun Art, not Fine Art. He thought I was degrading my work and, hard as I tried, I could not get it through his thick skull that I was doing nothing of the sort! I was merely acknowledging the difference between what is taught in Fine Art schools and what I do. And believe me, there is a world of difference! 

Here’s a peek at the piece of Fun Art I’m working on right now:  Moanin’ Lisa. I started it some time last year as a companion piece to History of Art 1 : Van Gogh meets Warhol meets Parmigianno meets Kurek (see below). Vincent and friends was finished last spring and moved on to a different home last December. I thought it high time to get back to Lisa.

As for the Fine Art vs. Fun Art argument, I highly doubt Da Vinci would take the time to shudder, let alone roll over in his grave if he saw Moan’Lisa — but it will be fabulous fun when finished!  To see more Fun Art visit my shop at: