Those Little Voices in Your Head

…..sometimes aren’t that little and you have to let them out to keep from going deaf. These three were hanging out in my head and making quite a ruckus!

So here’s the plan.

Title: Geeks, Hipsters and Kings OR If Geeks and Hipsters were Kings.

Back ground scene: old concrete wall with graffiti — computer text (<geekspeak>) and a crown or two. I had planned on just painting the wall but decided that was just dumb. Buffalo is filled with old concrete, graffiti covered walls and it’s a gorgeous day. Here are a couple of the images I’m going to work with. Lot’s of photoshop manipulation — hand painted graffiti on a canvas print. This is either going to be very good — or it’s going to stink 🙂 I’ll try my best to avoid the latter.



You can find prints of the new work along with others in my Etsy shop at: 


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