Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season


With less than 2 weeks left in the official 2012 Holiday Shopping Season I’ll bet you’ve finsihed your shopping, wrapped your gifts, baked your cookies, egged your nog, and trimmed your tree. Right?


Well what are you waiting for?!? Door to door delivery on the 24th by a fat guy in a red suit?

For your information UPS workers wear brown and most are on the slim side, although many will still be working their tails off on the 24th.

Here’s a better plan. Rather than spending an hour searching for a parking space at the mall take a look at what our area has to offer and SHOP LOCAL. And I don’t mean your local JCPenney’s, Target or Macy’s!

Buffalo and Western New York are blessed with a abundance of well run, well stocked small shops, restaurants and other businesses that are owned and operated by our neighbors. The profits made by these businesses stay in Western New York rather than being wisked off to Corporate Headquarters located in some undisclosed location.

Need a few more reasons to Shop local this year?

•  You’ll find more unique items at a small boutique shop than at the Mall

•  The owners and operators of small shops are more knowledge about their products and will offer better service than big box store salesclerks

•  Many local galleries and shops feature work produced by local artists and craftspersons, a.k.a. – your neighbors

•  The Elmwood Village, Hertel Avenue, Village of Williamsville, etc. are much more scenic than any area Mall

• Shopping in one of our city/village neighborhoods gives you a good excuse to stop at a local restaurant for a sandwich and a Tom and Jerry 🙂

• and the list goes on and on………..

While it’s probably inevitable that some of your holiday dollars will be spent at national chain stores, give local a chance this year. I’ll promise you’ll be glad that you did or the next round of Tom and Jerry’s is on me.

Here’s a few spots you can find my work this season:

464 Gallery, 464 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

Art Dialogue Gallery, One Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, 641 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14202

Village Artisans, 5560 Main Street, Williamsville, New York 14221 (716) 633-2384

ZGM Fine Arts, 1045 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222

And Online:

…where you can shop 24/7












Misconceptions About Working Out of Your Home

I was outside gardening this morning — getting rid of weeds that have been choking out a Rose of Sharon bush for longer than I can remember, when my neighbor, Mrs. “L” asked me once again: “So, you have another day off?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my neighbor. She is wonderful 80-something woman who has never spoken a cross word to me since I’ve live here, but it irritated me. I wouldn’t exactly call today a “day off”.

For the most part I’m self employed and work out of my house. And while yes, my truck is often in the drive way and I’m “home”, I’m generally working my ass off.



It’s interesting how people choose to not understand a lifestyle they are unfamiliar with. Mrs. “L” isn’t the only neighbor who has commented on my “days off”. I laugh as I realize these are are same neighbors who see me, year after year, hauling art supplies into my house and then hauling them out again as finished products. They watch me overload my truck before an art show. They wander through my “cast offs” at our yearly yard sale and say “You didn’t really MAKE this, did you?” But for some reason they choose to see me as a lady of leisure.


When it comes right down to it, it usually doesn’t bother me.  I live in a neighborhood of plumbers, factory workers and lawn guys. I have no concept of what their day to day work lives entail either — but for some reason it got under my skin today. Maybe it was because I was wilting under the “too hot for May” sun, or the fact that my lawn mower kept trying to stall out as I cut the grass, or  that I’m pretty much going to work non-stop until my first big outdoor art show in two weeks.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad to say I’m over it. It’s officially blogged away. The next time someone asks me if I have yet another day off I’m going to smile and say “Yes, another very, very productive vacation day” 🙂

You can find my originals and prints in my Etsy shop at:



The End of Summer Art Show Season 2011

I always have mixed emotions when my summer art show season ends. Living in Buffalo, New York, September days lead all too quickly to falling leaves, followed by snow, and then the long, long stretch of cold, gray days that can make you forget the sun exists. On the other hand, the end of “BIG” show season is also the end of heavy physical labor, 15+ hour work days, and the ever so fun hobby of looking at the darkening sky in dread of the storm that will blow both you and all of your artwork away. It marks an end and a new beginning and makes you realize that, OMG, you’re really behind on holiday stock and promotion!! So goodbye Summer 2011, you were very good to me. Now about that holiday stock…………………….

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