Snowy Night in Buffalo: A Cautionary Tale

‘Twas a snowy night in Buffalo….


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And Mark Poloncarz (the trusty Erie County Executive) warned all citizens to stay off the roads……


But the chickens and roosters were running wild….


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..the cats and dogs were throwing a party……


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…and the fish had plans of their own……




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Poloncarz didn’t know what to do! He was besides himself! HE had warned the citizens, Don Paul (trusty WIVB meteorologist) had warned the citizens, even the National Weather Service had warned the citizens…….but they continued to run amok!


As a last resort Poloncarz decided to call upon Retired General Herbert Black Crow (who now sidelined as a bellhop at the the Buffalo Hyatt Regency). If anyone could take charge of the madness surely it was General Crow.



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General Crow arrived, sporting his typical Take Charge air (which was impressive considering he was less than 2 feet tall and wearing a bell hop hat). He viewed the situation. He evaluated the situation. And he promptly gathered all of the culprits, offenders and miscreants into a huge pie shell. He diced them, he sliced them, and he covered them with a top crust. Then he baked them till the crust was a golden brown and he ate the entire pie!

Poloncarz was horrified!



How could little General Crow eat the entire pie without offering him a slice?!?

But by now the snow outside had slowed, the plow teams and salters were making headway, and sun was about to rise in Buffalo.Alison_E_Kurek_Buffalo_Ornament_Sunrise_2


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A new day had begun. Poloncarz slowly made his way home through the snow covered streets. He yawned as he pulled into his driveway and smiled at a job well done….because that’s the way things go on a dark, snowy night in Buffalo, New York when you openly defy the County Executive.




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Having Some Fun with Art History

Art History Three: DINE-er Jacket

Like most artists, I like to think that my work is completely original. With the exception of long ago assignments in art class I’ve never set out to create a copy of another artist’s work; but there’s a difference between copying and finding inspiration in the work of another. About a year ago I started a small mixed media piece based on a Van Gogh self portrait. In addition to my rendition of Van Gogh’s painting I also referenced Warhol’s multiple images and Parmigianino’s Madonna with the Long Neck. Next I tackled Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, keeping the Warhol multiple image format. My latest piece, and the largest of the three at 30″(h) x 24″(w), pays homage to Jim Dine’s Pop Art Robe’s of the 80’s and 90’s. Unlike my other sources of inspiration, Jim Dine is still very much alive and creating and exhibiting new work.

While each of these pieces found their inspiration in the works of others, I’ve included enough “Kurek” in them to assure that they could never be viewed as “copies”. They are instead original works that are having a bit of fun with art history.

You can find my originals and prints in my Etsy shop at: 

Art History One: Van Gogh Meets Warhol Meets Parmigianino Meets Kurek

Art History Two: Moanin' Lisa